Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Creamy Sopa de calabaza con champis

Pinchef's Creamy Sopa de calabaza con champis


1qrt/litro vegetable/mushroom broth/caldo de vida/vegetal*

2 cups/tazas oven roasted squash/calabaza horneada (butternut or spaghetti o castilla)


I cup/taza sliced carrots/zanahoria
1/4 cup/taza diced onion/cebolla
1 Tbl/cucharada fresh minced garlic/ajo
2Tbl avocado oil aceite de aguacate (o la de 1-2-3)
2 Tbl/cucharada fresh ginger pulp/jengibre
Dash/pizca of nutmeg/Nuez moscada

Garnish/toque final

1 cup/taza diced oven roasted delicata squash/calabaza rayada horneada ( for garnish )

2 cups chanterelles/champis setas ó rebozuelos (pulled apart in threads)

Method/métado; cooking with intention/guizando con intención

Burn some sage and play this track by Slivio Rodriguez while keeping all the disappeared in our good thoughts, that they are found alive and well! Quema un poco tu incensio de copal y pon esta rola de Victor Heredia interpretado por Silvio Rodriguez y Pablo Milanes. Y pienso en lxs desaparecidxs, que se presentan con vida!

Sauté the onion, carrots and garlic in the oil.
Guiza el ajo, cebolla y zanahoria en el aceite.

Add in the roasted squash pulp. Then the broth.
Agrega la calabaza horneada. Y después el caldo.

Season with ginger and nutmeg.
Sazona con jengibre y nuez moscada.

Serve with sautéed chanterelles and roasted delicata.

Servir con rebozuelos y/ó setas guizados con calabaza rayada.

Vale. Salud y Provecho!
Copyleft todo para tod@s!


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