Friday, May 27, 2011

A "Latino Health Paradox" or Radical Ecological Indigenous Foodways?

A graduate research paper
Chris Rodriguez
for the
Department of Latin American Studies
California State University Los Angeles
Fall 2010
Updated and revised for Decolonial Food For Thought (Spring 2011)

This post has been removed because I am editing it for publication!! In between work, preparing dinner, hand scrubbing diapers, doing laundry and grocery shopping, I am squeezing in time to finish the last revisions of what will soon become my first published chapter. My working title for the chapter is “Zapatismo as gastronomy: re-framing the Latino Health Paradox” and it is part of a forthcoming anthology by Ashgate Press on Radical Nutrition. Stay connected for updates on this exciting project. 


  1. Hi, i'm really interested in reading this. do you think you could email it to me when it's finished, please? thank you.

  2. That's really a alarming situation and we should do something fast in order to safe our self from its consequences. Thanks for raising your voice and providing awareness to all of us regarding that.

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