Monday, March 14, 2011

Palabra on Indigenous Veganism

What is the difference between Indigenous Veganism and Veganism?
Primeramente, it is not the same. Indigenous Veganism is centered on the clear understanding that as Indigenous People it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to nurture and protect the land and our ecological relations. Supporting Confined Animal Feeding Industrial Operations along with their by products DO NOT fulfill this responsibility. Yes, as indigenas our diets seasonally and ceremonially did include animal flesh such as those from non-animal farming industries as the venado, codorniz, rabbit, iguana, guajalote, fish and in the north buffalo; however these relatives were not exploited or oppressed but were honored and eaten with respect and NOT on a daily basis three times a day! This is a colonizers way of eating which takes from mother earth as it does by mass-producing toxic flesh grown in animal and fish farms by the millions and producing illusionary food products that are deemed necessary for our survival.
This form of eating and production uses up 80% of our fresh water sources and pollutes the environment in exponential rates which is not comparable to conventional plant based foods. The animal flesh and by products sold to indigenous peoples of the Americas is in fact killing our people, lands and cultural and spiritual foodways by the introduction of colonial dis-eases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. It is time to reclaim our brown bodies (human and land) from these colonial dis-eases and liberate them from the infestation of foods produced and eaten that we as indigenous people never consumed such as the cow, pig, chicken, milk, cheese and eggs. These are foods that were introduced through colonization! ¡No se olviden! We MUST return to our plant based foodways, which DID compromise 85% of our indigenous diets and kept the land, our bodies, animals and our ecological relations in balance. As for veganism alone, it does not carry these ancestral teachings, however, carries a strong weight on the liberation of these confined relatives.


  1. Claudia, first off, thank you for this blog.

    Whenever I read about veganism, I do so from an omni perspective. An omni might read this as "as long as it's indigenous tradition then it's okay to use animals" or "I give thanks to the animals so it's okay to use/eat them". I heard this a lot when I would practice Aztec Danza. When i went vegan I stopped using leather, feathers, etc. (regardless of where they came form), and eventually stopped danza all together.

    As a vegan, I read this as saying that an indigenous vegan would not consume or use animals, even during ceremony, despite tradition. Am I accurate in this assumption?

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