Monday, November 15, 2010

Healing From Within: Releasing vs. Loosing Unwanted Weight & the Power of Our Palabras

Greetings! Today I was inspired by two wombyn (amigas) to address a present issue many of us experience which is that of releasing unwanted weight. Now this can be weight in pounds, thoughts, responsibilities, energy, etc. The list can go on and on...right? Commonly, most of us associate weight with peso, body fat, extra skin, love handles, large bodies, etc. In one sense weight can be this and in another it is this and more...What do I mean? Okay, so what I am saying here is that as embodied beings we are one--one mind, one spirit, one body--whole, like a trenza tightly woven together. However, if one strand of the braid begins to loosen up, small cabellitos start flying around and eventually the braid looses its' rope or culebra appearance. It will still be a braid but one that needs to be re-tightened. Our existence is the same. Carrying extra weight in our minds, energies, and daily actions can invite unwanted physical bodily weight y eso because our presentness/humanness enters a Tezcatlipoca State of mind, meaning, that receiving clairvoyance is not as easy due to smokey mirrors blocking our sight from vision of ourselves--our trenzas gone wild. Many of us will enter this state several times in our lives, blow the smoke away, see our reflections and then speak of needing, wanting or desiring to "loose" weight.

My sister, Lady Drea, has worked with helping me apply healthier methods of self-manifestations with the power of mi palabra. The first changes in my journey of "needing, wanting and desiring" to "loose" weight was to let go of those ideals. She shared with me that if I need or want anything...I will always need or want it, meaning it will most likely not manifest to my benefit. Hmm? I thought...interesting. THEN she said that I no longer need to desire "loosing" weight either, for my subconscious mind will automatically go and search for what I lost. Clever girl!! I was hooked. I asked her what choice of words would be best...her response to me was..."I AM RELEASING UNWANTED WEIGHT." Soooo, in my journey of releasing unwanted weight, I too as many of my compañeras have... released pounds of various unwanted weights I used to once carry. But if you are a sister or a brother looking or ARE RELEASING unwanted bodily physical is an easy daily regiment, which I practice as ceremony.

Break-Fast: Te de Herba Mate and a flaxseed, banana, multiple nut & berry smoothie.

Mid Day: Home-made Vegetable and Fruit Juice (keeping it real--buy a juicer!! you will not feel or be hungry, te lo prometo...juicing provides our temples with super booster shots of nutrition. My favorite juice consists of 4 celery stalks, 1 kale bunch, 1 cilantro bunch, 3-4 carrots, 1 green apple, 2 oranges and 1 lemon (which i squeeze by hand). Juice the first 5 ingredients then mix in the last two. SUPER BOMB!! I prep this early morn and take with me as I move along my day in a stainless steel bottle.

La Comida: Literally, I plan this one out. I will eat a mostly raw/"vegan" plant based dinner, however, I mix it up but Mexicano style of course : ) For example, I will chop up zucchinis along with spinach, onion & garlic and stuff that inside warm tortillas de maize. I roll it up and top it with home made salsa de tomate y chile serrano with a cuchurada of home made raw cashew nut sour cream. Final comida...Raw/Vegan Enchiladas!! (remember--veggies are not grilled they are served raw, keeping the enzymes intact). This can be served with your favorite side dish/es.

AND of course, I drink 2+ liters of water a day. A general rule, for every 50 pds of bodily physical weight, drink 1 liter of water. Acuerdansen, we are 80% agua! Eat fruit during mid-day if you feel hungry...OH, I have one secret...when I first began this daily regiment, I immediately released 10 pds. of physical body weight in a matter of two weeks. Now, my physical body weight is maintained, I look great, feel great, my clairvoyance is on point and I stay more active than before. My body as mind and spirit--is tightly woven into a trenza of unity. I am present and avoid smoky mirrors. Suerte!

Vida y Salud!!

Who says you cannot get full on veggies? : ) 


  1. gracias... tlazokomatli... for another great post! I greatly enjoy reading them and will continue to anticipate additional seeds of knowledge.

  2. what do you do for calcium and protein? on days that you perform strenuous activity (running, swimming, dancing, cycling), how do you nourish your body?

  3. Thank you Sergio!! We are happy to know that our palabritas de semillas are looked forward too!

    Anonymous...we receive lots of calcium and protein from a variety of plant based foods (vegetables, fruits & legumes). Some include, corn, beans (all types--pinto, lentil, peas, garbanzos, etc.), nopales, squash, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, parsley, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apples, apricots, blueberries, cherries, canteloupe, strawberries, raisins, nuts of all types...just to name a few. As for our calcium: chia sees*, dates, almonds, pistachos, oranges, prickly pears, kale, spirulina, celery...

    We usually juice lots of these in various jugos and of course include them in our dinners : )

    ALSO...wheatgrass shots!! Heres a little info. on this superfood--

    Wheatgrass is considered to be a complete food because it contains every amino acid, vitamin, and mineral (some in only trace amounts) necessary for human nutrition. It is mentioned that 1 ounce of fresh wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2.5 pounds of vegetables in nutritional value. 1 ounce of wheatgrass has more vitamin C than 1 ounce of oranges. 1 ounce of wheatgrass has twice the vitamin A than in 1 ounce of carrots. It is said that 25ml of wheatgrass is equivalent in vitamins, minerals and amino acids to a kilogram of fresh garden vegetables in nutritional value...A little food for thought...

  4. Thank you sister for your wisdom! As a wombyn trying to release unwanted weight (of all kinds but physical for the moment) I tend to read up on a lot of different nutritional information websites and of course, get a lot of conflicting information. One of the ones I've read consistently is that it is important to eat a good meal in the morning because you are breaking your fast. In doing so, you keep your metabolism from going into "starvation" mode, and you also tend to be less hungry throughout the day. I'm really curious what your perspective on this is and how this applies to the various "body types" and "metabolisms" that people have... Thank you for this work of love and for sharing what you know!!!

  5. I find truth in this statement, "Carrying extra weight in our minds, energies, and daily actions can invite unwanted physical bodily weight y eso because our presentness/humanness enters a Tezcatlipoca State of mind, meaning, that receiving clairvoyance is not as easy due to smokey mirrors blocking our sight from vision of ourselves--our trenzas gone wild." I've recently started training for a half ironman traithlon, before that a marathon. I've successfully 'released' thirty pounds of body weight. However, I believe consistent exercise, more than just incorporating a significant amount of clean foods into our diets, allows us to bid stress farewell. I sleep deeper. I've naturally let go of toxic relationships. I work and study harder. I have a whole lot more energy. Good luck on your research!

  6. While vegetables are great and 400 calories of vegetables can be temporarily filling, they are 'negative' calories - you spend more calories digesting them than they contain. Therefore veggies are great for getting our micronutrients and fiber, but in no way a good source of protein. Only animal protein causes the maximal leptin or fullness response. Throw a chicken breast into your meal plan and you'll be set. We need to balance between expanding foods and contracting foods, and proteins are a contracting food. Eating raw is also not appropriate all of the time, nor were human guts built on raw food intake. There is no research to substantiate it. We have been using fire to cook food since before we developed into homo sapiens and our guts and jaws are built on this fact. Some basic research into anthropology would reveal this to anyone curious.

    1. Claudia SerratoMay 7, 2012 at 5:30 PM

      Thank you Erica for your critical response. That image is not to say that each meal is to be solely a 400 calorie diet, that would be insane! It is to show or break away from ideas that you are insinuating which is that you need animal protein to be full. I am surprised that while your travels in Peru you did not learn about the Inca gold, quinoa, which has all the necessary amino 'protein' acids and that has been a staple food of Inca peoples from time immemorial. Your right, maybe a basic research in non-Western anthropology would be a good start. Also, there is plenty of work that has come out of paleo foodist supporting their research. I'm not a raw foodist but do eat fresh when possible. On another note, this post as the title suggest is for those looking to release weight. As of what foods burn calories, well are we talking about fat calories, energy calories...or as your western training has taught you, "negative" calories. This post does too suggest to serve these enchiladas (tortillas are not raw) with a side dish. Lastly, as a future ND, and if you desire to work with indigenous people, I suggest a simple lesson on respect. Your suggestion on 'throwing a slab of chicken' is an insult to the community of this blog and to those we defend, the animal nation, our relatives that are oppressed under a colonial industrial and global ecological capitalist food superstructure.

      I will to take your advice in reading some more basic western Anthro. (which in truth, I would prefer not to considering that most of this was written by white, sexist, patriarchal, racist imperialists--those that contributed to the savage slot). From one future doctor to another (presently I'm a doctoral student in sociocultural and medical anthropology), lets continue our quest but let us continue being critical of how we learn and from who.

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