Monday, November 15, 2010

Healing From Within: Releasing vs. Loosing Unwanted Weight & the Power of Our Palabras

Greetings! Today I was inspired by two wombyn (amigas) to address a present issue many of us experience which is that of releasing unwanted weight. Now this can be weight in pounds, thoughts, responsibilities, energy, etc. The list can go on and on...right? Commonly, most of us associate weight with peso, body fat, extra skin, love handles, large bodies, etc. In one sense weight can be this and in another it is this and more...What do I mean? Okay, so what I am saying here is that as embodied beings we are one--one mind, one spirit, one body--whole, like a trenza tightly woven together. However, if one strand of the braid begins to loosen up, small cabellitos start flying around and eventually the braid looses its' rope or culebra appearance. It will still be a braid but one that needs to be re-tightened. Our existence is the same. Carrying extra weight in our minds, energies, and daily actions can invite unwanted physical bodily weight y eso because our presentness/humanness enters a Tezcatlipoca State of mind, meaning, that receiving clairvoyance is not as easy due to smokey mirrors blocking our sight from vision of ourselves--our trenzas gone wild. Many of us will enter this state several times in our lives, blow the smoke away, see our reflections and then speak of needing, wanting or desiring to "loose" weight.