Thursday, February 18, 2010

La COMIDA en Rebeldia

Since the attempted gastronomic conquest by Spanish missionaries during the early 16th century, Indigenous-Mesoamerican gastronomy, over 80% maize-based, has been heavily seasoned with rebel herbs, spices and communities that continue to resist culinary imperialism- the imposition of European patriarchal, gluttonous-heavily carnivorous, salt & sugar Mother Earth destroying diets.

Today, the destructive face of globalization’s response to world hunger has been lead by a low-intensity genocidal regime continually marketing and manipulating us to believe eating a daily heavily animal based diet is part of our identities as Xican@-Latin@, African, Asian, Pacific Islander peoples and Diasporas. Despite this western-patriarchal paradigm that puts profit over human and ecological health, a rich and vibrant legacy of a culinary rebellion continues to preserve ancestral seeds, plant-based foods, healthy bodies, and ecological balance in what is today called Mexico and the U.S. Southwest.