Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hoy mis gotas de sudor cayeron en su piel morena
Las rasguñas de mi azada acariciaron y curaron sus heridas

Hoy sembré en ella semillas de liberación
Mañana cosecharan la comida de un nuevo amanecer

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cuentos de la otra comida

Today I spoke to a dear compañera of mine, Ramona, who recently began a series of after school workshops promoting health to mostly Latina/Xicana mothers at a high school on the East-side. She shared with me that in her first workshop she discussed the direct relationships between the over consumption of fast foods, meats and dairy products to obesity and diabetes (among other colonial diseases) that these mothers’ and their hij@s suffer from. The workshop quickly turned into an open critical-reflective dialogue amongst her and the madres. While the conversation is still fresh in mind, I thought to pass on these brief testimonios, as i recall them, with the intent to learn from these wombyn's comidas: