Monday, April 13, 2009

To my brothers claiming and seeking a "decolonized mind"

To my brothers claiming and seeking a “decolonized mind:"

So far Decolonial Food for Thought has explained how colonial diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity are connected to meat and processed-based food diets. But I feel that it is crucial to share how plant-based foods challenge patriarchy and machismo. As a man who is activily seeking ways to de-program myself from patriarchal ways of thinking and acting, embracing and promoting plant based food-ways has provided me with a strong path of rebellion against these colonizer ways of disrespecting the Wombyn Nation. I’m not implying that I have fully de-programmed my internalized patriarchy. But unlike many of my brothers, I can look anyone in the eye and honestly tell them that I am not contributing or participating in the violent rape, perpetual violation and exploitation of the brown female earth and brown female body. This posting is particularly directed towards our brothers who speak about “decolonizing the mind” while continuing to eat massed-produced meats and dairy products. Brothers, your food ways speak of a total disrespect to Wombyn Nation-females, animals and Mother Earth. Your food ways are rooted in the same ideas and justification used by the European invaders who came here to exploit, violate and rape the Wombyn Nation for capital gains and power.

After seeking the roots of the genocide of our Indigenous people it wasn’t too long before my compañera exposed me to the intricate trenza that connects this genocide to the omnivores’ diet, patriarchy, capitalism, and colonization. The genocide of our people, people of color, and the destruction of Mother Earth continues to this day and it is mostly connected to the foods we eat. As long as you are still eating mass produced feminized meats, cheese, and other dairy products like sour cream and milk you are contributing to the perpetual rape and neo-colonization of Mother Earth-the Wombyn Nation. It doesn’t matter if you eat queso fresco del rancho or even free-range “natural” chicken. The fact of the matter is “traditional Mexican food,” and most contemporary ethnic food, are the products of a Western and Eurocentric patriarchal food system. And as consumers of such foods, you are an active participant in the rape and exploitation of the Wombyn Nation and the poisoning and self destruction of our communities’ mind, body and spirit—our Aztlan.
If you want to talk about “decolonizing minds” I hope you’ve replaced your carne asada tacos with nopalitos and pozole de res with pozole de champiniones. If you believe that eating meat and drinking milk makes you a chingón or strong you are wrong brother! When I see brothers devouring rotten meat aka “carne asada, pastor, carnitas, pollo asado” all I see is someone who doesn’t really give a fuck about where their food comes from or the socio-economic costs incurred for that food to make it into their mouth. Because if they did know where those disease-causing foods came from, I guarantee anybody that they would stop eating them in a second. That’s what happened to me and a year and half later my rebellion is now based in promoting food as sacred. But what really frustrates me is hearing those who try to justify these colonial food ways with un-informed reason and pathetic statements like “I’d rather die early and happy eating my meat” or “our people always ate meat.” All I gotta say is that it’s not your meat and NO our people did not always eat disease infested rotten meats! Nothing belongs to us. The land and animals are not for our taking just because we have the means to do so. The land, animals and wombyn of Mother Earth are all sacred. Our ancestors understood this and that is why we say that in order to decolonize the mind and the body one must decolonize their food ways. Brothers of Aztlan must understand that the Wombyn Nation continues to be raped not just by politicians and capitalists but by those who continue to stuff their mouths with porquerías like chicken enchiladas, tamales de puerco, and huevos rancheros.
If you believe the land is sacred then stop eating massed-produced feminized meats and dairy products. As long as you keep buying and ordering these foods the capitalists will continue to rape and exploit the Wombyn Nation. That’s how consumption, supply and demand work. To embrace and promote plant-based food ways is to decolonize one’s mind, body and community…all our relations. Until then vegetarians and omnivores will continue to contribute to the raping of the Wombyn Nation despite all other efforts of “decolonizing the mind.” The mind and body cannot be separately decolonized. However, decolonizing one’s food ways not only decolonizes the mind and body simultaneously but the brown female earth and body as well. YA BASTA! DEATH TO PATRIARCHY & MACHISMO! EAT PLANT-BASED FOODS IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE WOMBYN NATION!


  1. What is important to recognize within this posting is that Tonanztin, la madre tierra, is in a constant state of shock. She is tormented by the effects of animal farming (non-people of color ways). La madre tierra is stripped of her resources: water, land and eco & biodiversity. 80% of drinking water is used to grow the grain that is used to feed animals which then are slaughtered and marketed as by-products to gente de razon.

    Ecological imbalances are created as a result of the mass production of animal and fish products. The oceans are polluted, fish is scarce and poisonous--this is true for fresh water fish as well. Animal and fish farming comes with the idea of land, animals and wombyn are for the taking, in other words, the "white mans" way.

    It is our responsibility to nurture and take care of mother earth. As Indian people this is our calling. I am tired of hearing, "oh but native people always ate meat", and "oh we just need to pray for the spirit of the animal"...let me tell you, this is not gonna keep our mother land alive, nor is this gonna prevent our bodies from getting sick from colonial diseases. AND indian people did not eat animal mass produced by-products especially in the large amounts as they are eaten today. Food ways were balanced ways, not unbalance

    Brothers and sisters, recognize that our contribution in consuming animal and fish by-products is what keeps us oppressed, all of our relations, and our minds, bodies and spirits. As victims of auto-colonialism, we continue to perpetuate the colonial agenda by stripping our land in order to mass produce a food way that is not of our own.

    Remember, indigenous food ways, never harmed la madre tierra nor did it infect our bodies and that is because our diets consisted of hundreds of plant foods: vegetables, seeds, plants, nuts and fruit. A minimal portion came from animal and fish, which complimented the diet occasionally.

    let's heal mother earth. It is our responsibility to protect her. Tiahui....

  2. I got hipped to this site by a posting Felicia Montes made on facebook. Interesting stuff, though as a joto I do find the invocation of Aztlan always already patriarchal and heterosexit (and I'm the dude partially responsible for "Queer Aztlan" as a theoretical formation). Also I wonder how to make the leap out of this globalized eco-and-being terrorizing empire we call home into this pastoral indigeniety ya'll imagine. Many of our "ancestors" were city dwellers far before Greece had its polis. But now onto a foodie question: so my leader on all things indian and culinary has been researching both the rise of ceremony and food practices. What she has come to find out is that ceremony was reunion, literally reuniting two factions of these societies: those that were hunter-gatherers and those that had begun animal husbandry and crop cultivation - so in this context the sacreds at ceremony: water, las tres hermanas: frijoles, squash, corn; meat and a sweet make such clear sense. What we're still stuck on is that in many of the writings they refer to a workerman living on two tortillas a day, a woman one and a child half. I've come to the conclusion that this tortilla isnt what we know as maize treated with lime but more along what is called tack: a small disc of a grain, animal fat (most likely goose, duck or wild turkey) and maybe some nuts and bugs and fungi for flavor, texture, etc and very little water for binding. Do you have any thoughts or info on the topic?
    Ricardo A. Bracho

    1. Hermano,
      I was going through the blog and realized that I missed this post of yours. Dispensa for the hella delayed response. Pero si, es verdad, much of the foods prepared were plant-based and filled with all sorts of nuts, grubs, seeds, flowers, herbs, greens, root vegetables, fruits y mucho más. Pero tambien pozol for example as it is used in southern Mexico like Chiapas. La comida es ceremony si...pero también es resistencia, autonomía y la política.

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