Thursday, April 16, 2009

decolonizing tonanztins

indigenista xicanista
decolonizing food ways
healing the wombyn nation
spreading semillas day by day

patriarchal oppressions
raping la madre tierra, my body, aztlan
femicide, genocide
colonial disease: cardiovascular, cancer, obesity and diabetes

infiltrating, penetrating
plant, animal, land & she
taking for the making
colonial commodoties

violating givers of life
marketing mothers abudantly
animalized and feminized proteins: meat, milk, eggs and cheese

non-plant based foods
arrived from over seas
culinary imperialism
a colinial mastery

man controlling nature
aka wombyns bodies 
liberation, restoration
ecological solidarity

an indigenous responsibility
to reclaim our tonanztins
for she is we
las tres hermanas: beans, calavasitas y maize

coyolxauhqui, coyolxauhqui
illuminate truth
help us remember 
the sacredness of our foods

1 comment:

  1. wow, mujer, thank you! thats right, diabetes is the manifestation of colonization! i just saw the Bad Sugar segment of the documentary, Unnatural Causes. it was said that of the commonalities, that indigenous, asian pacific islanders and blacks have, is that we've been ripped from our roots and disposed from our lands. its a tite film piece... devastating reality...
    Decolonizing Tonanztins is hella INSPIRING!