Thursday, April 16, 2009

decolonizing tonanztins

indigenista xicanista
decolonizing food ways
healing the wombyn nation
spreading semillas day by day

patriarchal oppressions
raping la madre tierra, my body, aztlan
femicide, genocide
colonial disease: cardiovascular, cancer, obesity and diabetes

Monday, April 13, 2009

To my brothers claiming and seeking a "decolonized mind"

To my brothers claiming and seeking a “decolonized mind:"

So far Decolonial Food for Thought has explained how colonial diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity are connected to meat and processed-based food diets. But I feel that it is crucial to share how plant-based foods challenge patriarchy and machismo. As a man who is activily seeking ways to de-program myself from patriarchal ways of thinking and acting, embracing and promoting plant based food-ways has provided me with a strong path of rebellion against these colonizer ways of disrespecting the Wombyn Nation. I’m not implying that I have fully de-programmed my internalized patriarchy. But unlike many of my brothers, I can look anyone in the eye and honestly tell them that I am not contributing or participating in the violent rape, perpetual violation and exploitation of the brown female earth and brown female body. This posting is particularly directed towards our brothers who speak about “decolonizing the mind” while continuing to eat massed-produced meats and dairy products. Brothers, your food ways speak of a total disrespect to Wombyn Nation-females, animals and Mother Earth. Your food ways are rooted in the same ideas and justification used by the European invaders who came here to exploit, violate and rape the Wombyn Nation for capital gains and power.